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Keep it simple, be lazy and let the system work for you
by Fabrizio Perotti
SFI Team Leader

The majority of the emails I receive from my new Affiliates, contains questions which let me understand that people tend to make things more complicated than what they actually are, and I gotta say that many times I don't even know the answer to those questions.
Nevertheless I am earning extremely well as an SFI Affiliate.

How can it be possible? Well, this is absolutely normal. Actually, I'd even say it's one of the reasons why I am making a lot of money every month while others don't.

It has probably to do with my nature: I don't like to work very hard, I am not extremely intelligent or fast when I have to study or understand new things and I get bored of boring things right away.

But I also have a positive way of thinking, I am a big optimist, enthusiastic, passionate and above all I am persistent and I like to enjoy a great quality of life, which to me means having a lot of free time AND more than enough money to enjoy it.entusiasta
If nature designed me this way, can you imagine me spending hours and hours reading, studying, trying to find out what is wrong in the system, complaining about whatever reason, or waiting to become a kind of "expert" in the business in order to start making money?

Frankly, I can't imagine myself focused on such unproductive things while other proactive people are actually making a lot of money.

Thanks to my way of being briefly described above, when I started this business only a few months ago, I just decided to follow the simplest and easiest strategy possible, hence the most productive: copying others.

And, who do you think I decided to copy? Losers, whiners, negative, skeptical people? Of course not!

Gery Carson

GERY CARSON, president of Carson Services, Inc. and the founder of the SFI Marketing Group, started his own home business in 1985 so he could take control of his future. By the early 90's, it was producing nearly one million dollars annually.

His extraordinary success as a home business entrepreneur has been told in Money Makers Monthly, Upline, Opportunity World Magazine, and in several books and videos.

Gery was selected to the 1992 Outstanding Young Men of America list and 1997's Who's Who in the Media and Communications.
I did what was most obvious for me to do: I copied the man with the greatest success I knew in this field, a real winner: legendary SFI's president Gery Carson.

The problem for me was that Gery has huge experience, he's a very busy and professional person and all along the years produced a huge amount of strategies, tools and information. And as I told you I am quite lazy and not extremely fast in learning new things.

So, I started to select the basic information among all, only information that really matters to me along the process to become financially free as fast as possible. And..guess what I found? 3 great and simple things;

1. The Earnings Calculator

2. The SFI Ultra-simple 3-Step plan

3. The Co-op information

Why these 3 things have been so important for me? ...Keep reading!

1) The Earnings Calculator: as I told you I am kind of lazy guy, so in order to do something I really need to be enthusiastic and passionate about that something. I am sure that if you go now and play a bit with this pleasant tool like I did, you too you're gonna discover right away the huge earning potential you have as a SFI Affiliate and start working at it right away with great determination, passion and persistence.

2) The SFI Ultra-simple 3-Step plan: once I got fired up by the earnings calculator I said; "well, now let me check what is the simplest and most effective strategy suggested by Gery..." - you got it: that's when I found and elected the Ultra-simple 3-step plan as the strategy to follow and teach my downline. It's an extremely direct and simple strategy which everybody in this world is able to follow in order to achieve rapidly an outstanding monthly income.

- That's why I prepared and urge you to watch repeatedly this short 3-step Plan video

3) The Co-op information: at that point it's been great to discover that Gery supports the Cooperative Marketing concept 100%. Why? Because I understand that the only obstacle average people can find on the way of the 3-Step plan, is the recruitment of serious affiliates. And Co-op marketing is exactly THE solution for that! In a few words; can you imagine how easy it could be to select those 5 serious Affiliates you need to go along the 3-step plan, if you had the possibility to see an unlimited stream of new affiliates dropping into your downline every month, without any effort at all? And how easy they could duplicate exactly the same pattern too?

That's why together with my friend and sponsor Giuseppe Francavilla, we decided to invest a massive amount of time and dollars, in order to start a huge ongoing Co-op and make it extremely easy for all our teams (you) to build a solid and profitable business with very little effort and almost ZERO risk.

- As a result of this, you can get all the affiliates you need, according to your goals, directly at Proprofit ECA Store.

If you use these 3 simple points above and just help your affiliates to do the same, you will realise very soon that the SFI business is very simple and the only thing you need is to organise things in order to sit back, be lazy and monitor the system while it works for you and produce money every single month.

I know that in this moment many of you are thinking things like: "I don't want to invest a penny!", "If I work they have to pay me, I don't have to pay for anything", "if I participate in the Co-op, who will guarantee that my Affiliates will be active", and so on....

I understand your concerns. But as that is the kind of mindset which already led you where you currently are, if you are not 100% happy about it, you should probably reconsider your point of view and switch it from an employee to an entrepreneurial type.

Which is not that difficult if you simply compare the risk of not making any money at all for the next years Vs. the risk of investing just a few tens of dollars every month in your own SFI business.

Can you afford to spend the next years without earning what you can potentially earn if you just do the right thinks persistently?

I'm sure you don't.

So what?

So get rid of all useless negative thoughts and focus exclusively on the 3 points explained above. Do it persistently and never give up until you reach all your financial goals and dreams.

It's as simple as that.

Still not an SFI Affiliate? Your best opportunity is NOW. Remember, there's no cost to join and there's no obligation.

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