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Who do you think the richest is?
The employee or the entrepreneur?

by Fabrizio Perotti
SFI Team Leader

Generally speaking, real entrepreneurs are certainly richer than employees. It even sounds obvious, doesn't it?
So, if you want to become wealthier than today, why would you want to keep your "employee mindset"?

If you are an active SFI Affiliate today, it's because you have already taken a first important step towards an "entrepreneur mindset". But of course this step alone is not enough.

If you want to succeed in this business, you really need to stop thinking like an employee.

In fact, I think the only obstacle this business has, is the fact that the vast majority of people who sign up as an affiliate, has been educated to be employees but not entrepreneurs.

An evidence of that is the fact that probably the biggest fear the average affiliate has, is about investing money. Very often, their first goal is to be able to make money without having to invest a dime. Fine.

We all know that SFI business is totally free and we'll never be obliged to invest money if we choose not to. But it's true that the ones of us with an entrepreneurial mindset, have certainly an advantage over the ones without.

That's because the "employee" type tend to do whatever he can to avoid investing money, which is exactly the opposite of what every successful entrepreneur does.

First of all, the "entrepreneur" type understands very well the difference between "spending" money and "investing" money.

In a few words: when you spend money you are a little bit poorer, when you invest money you are potentially a little bit richer.

Hence, the wise entrepreneur is more willing to take some (calculated) risk than his friend; the wise employee.

The entrepreneur also understands clearer than his friend the employee, the essential concept of "ROI" - Return On Investment; the way of considering profits in relation to capital invested.

So let's see below how we could use the ROI as a decision tool in our beloved SFI business.

For us of course, the most useful way to consider the ROI is when we want to invest some money in advertising to recruit PSAs.

So let's say you want to invest $50 in some "Pay Per Click" campaign somewhere in the internet. $50 is a very small amount of money in the advertising world. So the odds of not getting even one single PSA from that little investment, are very high. Therefore in this unlucky case your ROI is certainly 0%.

Now let's consider you prefer to use "OPM" - Other People's Money to run big campaigns. In this case they are taking the big risk, while you can invest just a small amount and be sure you will get the specific number of PSAs (not just clicks) you need to plan effectively the growth of your business. Consequently, in this luckier case, your ROI could certainly be higher than 0%.

That's why I definitely tend to suggest to all my SFI team to use powerful tools like s-Builder, PSA to Go, Bid & Build Program, PSAs auctions, Team's Co-op.

When you invest in this kind of tools, you can be sure you get the number of PSAs you invested in, but of course you can't know how much they will produce in commissions for you.

So how can we calculate the ROI in this happier case?

Personally, I use the statistics based on my personal experience. If you don't have personal experience yet, use your sponsor's one. Mine says that without forcing my PSAs, 2% of them become active and responsive to my communication and suggestions.

It means that 1 over 50 PSAs becomes naturally active. Then it's up to me as their sponsor, to teach them the same profitable strategy I personally follow and duplicate.

Let's say that strategy includes this investment for me:

1 pack of 125 Tcredits = $36.25
1 pack of 50 PSAs = $50.00

My total investment: $86.25

Now, I know that among those 50 PSAs I got, only one is going to place the same Standing Orders as me as detailed above. It means that I will earn the following commission from his Standing Orders:

Monthly: $ 10.89
Yearly : $130.68

So I calculate my ROI as follows:

Yearly commissions earned: $130.68
- Investment: $ 86.25
= Net yearly Profit: $44.43

ROI: ($44,43/$86.25) x 100 = 51.51%

As you can understand, a ROI of 51.51% is absolutely outstanding if compared to any traditional investment. And that is just the beginning.

Why? Because of the duplication factor that this single active PSA represents for the exponential growth of the team.

Furthermore, all the other 49 PSAs who are not immediately active, still represent a real asset for your business as they can become active after one month, one year or ten years...

So when you invest in 50 PSAs, look closely at them, because all what you need is nothing more than 1 shining gold nugget!

And if you get 1 new gold nugget per month who duplicates the same strategy, you will be extremely rich in no time. Believe me!

Enjoy your business, enjoy your life!


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