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How To Earn Big Monthly Income with SFI

Getting Started
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How do I earn money with SFI?

1 » Sales
2 » Sponsoring
3 » Direct Commissions
4 » TripleClicks Executive Pool
5 » ECA Program
7 » Co-Sponsor Commissions

How much money can I make?

If you are serious about starting a Home Business, SFI offers income opportunity for life. Working a little each day, being serious and motivated, you can earn over $25,000.00 (US dollars) per month.

1 » Reach EA2 status or Team Leader status and maintain it every month.

2 » Make a Standing order to maintain EA2 status. Placing a Standing order sometimes causes fear to new affiliates and causes them to quit. To remove this fear, just think it this way:

A 125 TCredits package will cost an affiliate $36.25 every month which means you are only spending around $1.21 everyday. Thinking about it as $1.21 daily expenses rather than a $36.25 monthly expenses is a lot better although the amount is the same.

3 » Finding "Personally Sponsored Affiliates" or PSAs is another fear that new SFI affiliates faces, they think that they need to find a lot of PSAs in order to earn in SFI. The simple fact is that we don't need hundreds of PSAs in order to earn a big income in SFI. The simple fact is that we only need 5 active PSAs in order to earn big income in SFI. If this 5 PSAs make Standing order (125 TCredits @ $36.25), you will get a total direct commission of $39.75 .
This means that your $1.21 daily expenses is already covered and you have a profit of $3.50 per month.
From this point you are running your SFI business for FREE.

Maybe you will ask "$3.50 per month? WHERE IS THE BIG INCOME !!!"

4 » Here is the Big Income. By providing support to your 5 active affiliates and encouraging them to "DUPLICATE" what you are doing. I emphasize the word duplicate because it is very important that you show your affiliates what should be done by doing it first yourself.

This means that you cannot ask your affiliates to do what you yourself is not willing to do.
(It's like: When You don't jump, they will not jump.)

Below is an illustration how the power of duplication can give you the BIG INCOME.

You can get this BIG INCOME from "VP matching". If you reach Team Leader status (minimum is Bronze Team Leader (BTL)), You are eligible for VP matching. You can easily reach BTL status by applying the SIMPLE PLAN presented below:

Generation Number of BTL affiliates Earned Versa Points (VP) Matching Versa Points (VP)
Gen 1 5 3000 VP / PSA 15,000 VP
Gen 2 25 3000 VP / PSA 75,000 VP
Gen 3 125 3000 VP / PSA 375,000 VP
Gen 4 625 3000 VP / PSA 1,875,000 VP
Gen 5 3,125 3000 VP / PSA 9,375,000 VP
Gen 6 15,625 3000 VP / PSA 46,875,000 VP

***Converting this matching VP into shares from TC Executive Pool will give you a big Income and Take note that it only started from 5 PSAs.

Currently the value of each Versa Point is about $0.0005

"TOTAL MATCHING VP" x "Versa Point Value" = Income


58,590,000 VP x $0.0005 = $29,295.00 USD Monthly Income

This is only considering up to Gen 6 of your affiliates, remember that you can earn up to Gen 12 depending on your Team Leader status.

Be friendly and helpful to others that they can share with others the knowledge you have as their team leader to share.

Still not an SFI Affiliate? Your best opportunity is NOW. Remember, there's no cost to join and there's no obligation.

Strong Future International (SFI) - Aim High. Dream Big.